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OK, So I Just Found This…

Posted on Oct 12, 2012 ; related to Updates, Real life. Leave a comment?

Hey guys!
Fall’s here already, huh. I just knitted a pair of black fingerless gloves. I started it last Monday, and just finished it today. Weaving in the loose ends is my least favorite part. I used to have these Slipknot fingerless gloves when I was twelve. I wore them for so many years, but I had to throw them away. That’s why I knitted this pair. The ribbing is a bit loose (I didn’t change the needle size), but I think they’re very nice. Granted, they’re generic, but darn it, they’re comfortable! XD Maybe I’ll post a picture, if I’m not too lazy to bust out my mom’s camera…
Anyway, I just found this awesome little comic when I was surfing the web. Credit goes to Sveidt from DeviantArt. You can access the original here.

I’m so glad that this comic was made. Some people just don’t understand us introverts. They think that introverts do not like hanging out with people and just hole themselves up all the time. This is not the case! Please be enlightened.
Until next time.


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