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Too Little Butter on a Too Big Piece of Bread.

Posted on Jul 18, 2012 ; related to Updates, Real life, Literature. 1 comment.

I’m pretty busy lately. Not to mention that I am officially fed up with my library. I mean, seriously? I didn’t get into the library website for 3 days, and I find that there’s $18 in fines. (Part of it’s my fault but I want to rant). At my library, if you have more than $10 in fines, then you can’t renew or borrow any material. Oh, and by the way, like the George Washington who has a bunch of money in library fines, I can be charged $400 in library fines before they stop fining me. (40 items X $10 fine cap = $400 total DX) I won’t be using my library for at least a while. I’ll see how I can manage.

I have a job! :D It’s just as a greeter and cashier, but I like the fact that I can make my own money now. My ideal low-pay job would to be working at a bookstore or grocery store, but I’ll take what I can get. Not that I’m complaining…

I’m also setting up a website for my mom’s new nonprofit organization. Oh, and also setting up a newsletter. So yeah, lots of things to go. I can’t give out the URL publicly for privacy reasons, though. Sorry!


Oh, by the way, if you haven’t already read Valley of the Dolls, go read it. It’s awesome.

1 Comment

On Aug 6, 2012 Ghislaine said:

Ohh I can understand the library problems -,- Well I’m not really a book reader, but my mom does. We have this new system in our library where you have to log in, but also have to log out. The log out part my mother forgot ;p And someone took a book on her ‘account’. So that means if the person doesn’t return the book on time, my mom has to pay for it..

But Yey congrats on getting a job

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