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Packing Up & State Exam

Posted on Jun 27, 2012 ; related to Updates, Real life. Leave a comment?

Hey guys! Like I said, I’m leaving for Mississippi early this Friday. Tomorrow (Thursday) I’ll be pretty busy all day, so there will be no updates until after I come back (July 3rd). I made a few changes to the layout since the last time I posted, and I’ll continue to tweak it here and there-not quite done yet!

This week I have something running that I call Operation Wardrobe Stretch. Since I don’t have many clothes, I’ll have to try to stretch my clothes out so that I don’t have to do my laundry until I come back. The result? All these crazy clothes combinations. I don’t think I’ll actually *wear* them when the time comes, but it’s handy to know how I can stretch out my wardrobe.

I’m packing today. Tomorrow I’ll be busy all day, and Friday I’ll be leaving very early. So, yeah, today is the last day I can pack. I even made a list and everything. Hope I don’t forget anything…

Tonight I’m taking the Drivers State Exam for my state. I’m actually pretty relaxed about it. Tests don’t really freak me out anymore. Maybe it’s because I took the SAT and PSAT a total of 5 times. I’m sure I’ll pass, so I don’t really feel nervous or anything like that.

On a side note, A Tree Grows in Brooklyn by Betty Smith is a must read. I just finished it yesterday. Go read it now.


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