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I am a university student alternating between school in Flint, MI, and co-op work while living at home in Ann Arbor, MI. I run this blog in my spare time and write about things such as gender and existentialism. More about me

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Posted on Sep 21, 2012 ; related to Updates, Music. Leave a comment?

Hey guys! I figured Wacky O would benefit from some new link back buttons… They’re nothing fancy, but I think they’re nice.

Wacky Onion

Wacky Onion

Lately I’ve been stumbling upon more new music. It’s awesome, the types of music out there. Take two awesome things like music and crossdressing (wait, what? XD), and you get Hizaki and Yohio.

Yohio’s music video is a bit cheesy, but I think it’s cool that he’s a 17 year old Swedish guy. ^^ I hope that more musicians will go this path in the future. Wouldn’t it be cool if there’s a woman/girl who dresses like a guy and performs music?! You know, kind of like the manga “Charisma Doll.” That is, if there isn’t someone who does that already. Then please give me the name, and I’ll go check it out XD.

Oh, by the way, I got a Tumblr account! I’m still a bit new to this, but I’m learning. Bear with me, ok~?
Anyway, until next time!

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