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Recycling with Benefits!

Posted on Feb 14, 2012 ; related to Updates, Real life, What I Think. Leave a comment?

Hey guys! I’ve always been recycling, but now I’ve been recycling even more. It pains me to see people throw away recyclable things such as office paper, water bottles, and recyclable plastic containers. Now, to get people to be motivated about recycling, there’s a program called Recyclebank that’s offering rewards for people who recycle. So, there you go, motivation!

Also, here are a few good ideas to use less stuff. Not all of these may work for you, but try out some of them!

  • Use both sides of notebook paper
  • Type instead of write
  • Upcycle used items. More info later in this post!
  • Instead of throwing away used stuff that’s no longer needed, find people to give them to or to trade with. For example, if I have a stack of books that I no longer need, I may give them to a friend, have a garage sale, donate them, or exchange them with a friend.

A special note on upcycling. Have you heard of it? It’s a revolutionary new way to stop wastefulness and save your money. I’ve been upcycling for some time now. Here’s how you do it: if you have something used that there’s not option but to throw away, say, a t-shirt with a hole or one of those toilet paper rolls, have no fear! You can, with a pair of scissors and maybe needle and thread, refashion that t-shirt into something snazzy and cool! As for those toilet paper rolls, you can refashion those by making them into pencil holders. (see near end of post) Mookychick.co.uk has some useful guides on upcycling old CDs, DVDs, and games as well as old toilet rolls and old t-shirts. The book Generation T by Megan Nicolay is also good. In fact, here’s a whole list of books on upcycling on Amazon.

OK, a wrap up how-to! (I might write an article about this later with pictures if I can get them) To make toilet roll pencil holders, you will need 3 toilet paper rolls, glue (super glue is AWESOME), and a pair of scissors. Take the first toilet paper roll and cut off a circle with a slightly larger diameter than the regular roll. Then, take a second roll and cut off a few centimeters off the end. You can cut it into a pattern if you want. Put the uncut third roll in the second roll, so that you can see layers. Then, using glue, attach the circle you cut off from the beginning to make the base. Wait for it to dry, and you’re done! You might want to color or decorate it (to make it not so obvious what it’s made from XD).

Thanks for reading! RECYCLE!!

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