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I am a university student alternating between school in Flint, MI, and co-op work while living at home in Ann Arbor, MI. I run this blog in my spare time and write about things such as gender and existentialism. More about me

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I haven't worked with yellow in a while. It's refreshing. When making this layout, the theme in my mind was "making the pieces fit together." More about the layout

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Hello! -no answer-

Posted on May 13, 2011 ; related to Updates, Real life, School. 1 comment.

Heyo no-one! I’m back! -crickets chirp- Anyway, real life is busy again. Audition, school, SAT prep, swimming, you name it. What’s great is that now I’m gradually getting less busy. Hopefully this summer I can update again! (Wait…Every summer I update a lot, but during the school year I don’t…Does this make WO a summer website?)

Over the weeks I shall hopefully update. I might change my file’s residence some time in the future… Anyway, it’s good to pop in after 5 months!

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