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I am a university student alternating between school in Flint, MI, and co-op work while living at home in Ann Arbor, MI. I run this blog in my spare time and write about things such as gender and existentialism. More about me

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I haven't worked with yellow in a while. It's refreshing. When making this layout, the theme in my mind was "making the pieces fit together." More about the layout

Welcome to Wacky Onion!

New Article, Finally

Posted on Oct 23, 2010 ; related to Updates, New Article, Literature. 1 comment.

Hi guys! Weekly update here! Finally I’ve churned out a new article. It’s about the pros and cons of androgyny. Now I’m not that extreme about androgyny to say that it’s a third gender or whatever, it’s is pretty awesome being androgynous. (Personal experience, mwahahaha!)

A new rant about the new layout! I’m thinking about making an image-centered layout for a change. Perhaps with something I drew/will draw? I might even scan the drawing in my computer and color/enhance/adapt it for the layout! The problem is with the theme. I don’t know what theme I’m going to make. (Maybe a rotating banner with a mini-comic I drew?) The color scheme is a sure thing, though: yellow! It’s been too long since I made a yellow site layout and I’m itching to make one. But judging from the pace of my real life, it might take a while. (College shopping, Chemistry experiments, Japanese drills, oh my!)

Literature I’m reading the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy series by Douglas Adams. I’ve just finished Life, the Universe, and Everything and am reading So Long and Thanks For All the Fish. It’s pretty awesome. I suggest you read it, so that you’ll understand what people are talking about when they mention “forty-two” and laugh.

New Layout?

Posted on Oct 16, 2010 ; related to Real life, School, Literature. 1 comment.

Since I don’t update Wacky O much, I might make it up with a new layout. Deal? ^^

I took the PSAT this morning! It was me waking up in the middle of the night and worrying at 4 AM, rise and shine at 6:45, and testing at 8:20. (Actually, it was supposed to start at 8, but it was quite chaotic.) At first I was nervous, but after a while it wore off. After the test, I felt mini-post-recital bliss. :D Next year I won’t mind taking it again.

I just finished The Obama Diaries by Laura Ingraham (about 10 minutes ago! XD) I realize it was a political book, and my review would probably be controversial, but you still can access it at teeshirts in Goodreads. It was quite funny and fun to read. Now I’m reading The Restaurant At the End of the Universe by Douglas Adams which is the second of five books in the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy series. No wonder it’s so popular!

This concludes my weekly update. Boy, I’m so busy now that I can only update on Saturdays! :D/D:

Weekly update~

Posted on Oct 9, 2010 ; related to Real life, School. 1 comment.

Hi guys! I was thinking, since now I do some (crummy) comics, I might put them up on Wacky O as soon as I get enough. What do you think?

I’m taking the PSAT on the 16th…Wish me luck? It’s the first time I’m taking it, and I plan to do it again next year. I guess this is the trial run. ^^ Depending on the results, maybe I’ll let you guys know them.

Raspberry picking! Yesterday I picked raspberries with my mom and Onion. It was fun, even if we weren’t the best at picking them. We each picked a quart, and they tasted awesome~~~ :D Maybe I’ll go again sometime.


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