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Posted on Sep 23, 2010 ; related to Updates, Real life, Literature. 3 comments.

OK, so if this is a title fail, XD It’s supposed to be a frustrated face. Lately my life is being stressful. Orchestra (DX), Adventurers (:D), Ice skating (:)), Onion(:D/D:/DX/ARRG), things like that. Good thing I always find time for a good book and a cup of soup. ^^

Anyway, on to updates. I’m in the Christmas musical in my church! Since the past few times my church started late, they figured that we should start early and do some extra preparation. I’m also playing the violin in two songs. This is gonna be great! XD

Literary update: I finished Evil Under the Sun by Agatha Christie. It’s good, but not as good as Murder in (on?) the Orient Express. Find my review on Goodreads. (teeshirts)

My Mom’s Birthday!

Posted on Sep 16, 2010 ; related to Updates, Real life, School. 6 comments.

Today’s my mother’s birthday. :D For the sake of privacy, though, I’m not going to tell you guys her age and things like that…

Newsletter is going to be on hold, since my real life is hectic now. Orchestra on Tuesdays, Ice skating (and church) on Wednesdays, Adventurers on Thursdays, not to mention my ongoing things like violin lessons. Get the picture? I also have two papers to write (ack!) as well as studies to do.

Hopefully I’ll find more time to update and not whine about my real life so much. =]

Real Life? Yes.

Posted on Sep 11, 2010 ; related to Updates, Real life, School. 2 comments.

Adventurers started. It’s awesome, and I look forward to going back again. However. There are more complications now….My grandpa (on my dad’s, not my mom’s side) has last stage cancer. DX Again! That means my dad is going to Thailand this Tuesday and that I might go back to Thailand again. At least it will be shorted this time…This is just an advanced notice so that you guys will know what’s happening if I go missing.

Ancient History! I finished my homework already. Not that I have much homework from Adventurers. What I need to do (and what I completed this afternoon) is a 3-page report about various creation and flood myths (plus the epic of Gilgamesh) It wasn’t so bad; the sources were just tricky. Now I’m doing more homework in advance just in case I need to go to Thailand.

My ice skating and orchestra is starting this Wednesday and Tuesday…I know what to expect for ice skating and I sort of do too for orchestra…Wish me luck?

Form problem still exists, by the way….

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