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Welcome to Wacky Onion!

Affie Check! Weekly Updates? I think so!

Posted on Oct 2, 2010 ; related to Updates, Real life, School, Affiliate, Literature. 2 comments.

I haven’t posted in about a week. So, if I look at the recent trends of my Wacky O updates, it’s sort of weekly. Then I figured that, due to my schedule, I will update weekly. No articles or anything today-sorry! I might post a checklist or some small thing later, though.

Yearly Site-Closing Epidemic!
Remember last year at Wacky O? I did a revamp. (Instead it was an excuse to be inactive) Today I was looking at IC’s topsites and I was 0-o because I rose all the way to no. 40! I think this is because of all the “Sorry, real life” and “Revamp!” and “Closed; Real life” things we all see every year. Fortunately, Wacky O is here to stay. :)

Real Life
One word: STRESS. I still need to find time to relax. Other than what I told you guys previously, nothing really interesting happened except for a few personal matters.

As always, here is a link to my Goodreads account. I just finished All Quiet on the Western Front by Erich Maria Remarque. It’s for school, but this book is really good! (Read the full short review on my GR account ^^)

Affiliate Check
Anna—Pass, but please update more.
Ashley—Pass with flying colors
Zoe—Can’t access your site for about a few weeks now; I’ll take down your link ASAP (which is not possible now; D:)

Thus ends this post.

Updates & 2010-Graduation School Plan!

Posted on Sep 1, 2010 ; related to Updates, Real life, School, Affiliate, New Article. 1 comment.

Edit:Here’s a new article. Updated after all!
Edit no. 2: Forgot to close the <strong> tag!

As you guys can see, I’ve been experimenting a bit with PHP and MySQL. If you’ve noticed, you can see that there is a new “Newsletter” link in the navigation bar! If you subscribe, not only will you get my undying gratitude but you will get a shiny new email each month!

Lately I’ve been performing some maintenance. Just maintenance, though. Therefore I should compensate with a blog post about my real life. Maybe school? Before that, though I will need to do an affiliate check.

Ordered from index to affiliates page:
Zoe—Where are you? Is this the same issue as the one last year? Email me!
Ashley—[New] Pass
Jayy & Laur—Pass

Well, I don’t need to boot anyone out this month. ^-^ That’s good~ OK, now for the blog post!

I’m a nerd, I know, but when I think about school, college, and going out to see the world, it makes me feel excited and motivated. Especially since I love to study. I know this isn’t the case for about 9X% of students though. For this post I’ll be posting my classes for this year (Sophomore) as well as my (possible) classes for the next 2 years before college;
Sophomore (Adventurers in parenthesis)
Algebra II (Career Exploration)
Chemistry (Ancient History)
Modern History (Languages [Intro, structure, etc])
Language Arts + Vocabulary (Geography)
Geometry [Baby Geo this year; next year is more Geo! So yeah, this is relaxed] (Astronomy :D)

Geometry [Will go extra fast since I know basic concepts from last year]
Trigonometry [Just a bit~]
American Government
LA & Vocab

Advanced Physics
Health [Just for a refresher]
-No history this year-
British Literature (XD)

That’s pretty much it. What are your school plans?

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