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I am a university student alternating between school in Flint, MI, and co-op work while living at home in Ann Arbor, MI. I run this blog in my spare time and write about things such as gender and existentialism. More about me

About the Layout

I haven't worked with yellow in a while. It's refreshing. When making this layout, the theme in my mind was "making the pieces fit together." More about the layout

About Wacky Onion

This page has all the links for information, contacting Tee, and about Wacky Onion.

About the Layout
About this layout and previous ones, for sentimentality's sake.

About Tee
About Tee, the owner of Wacky Onion.

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Use this form to contact me. Since it is all-purpose, you can use it to request something, report an error/typo, send a comment, etc.

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